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Why Does the Kinetis K26 micro flash fail in 2 specific sectors consistently.

Question asked by eric durst on Jul 1, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 19, 2016 by EARL GOODRICH



I've now had 2 micros fail in the exact same flash sector without approaching the erase cycle limit. To be fair, I haven't kept track of how many erase cycles I've done, but It would definitely be between 100 to 200 flash erase cycles.


The flash sectors that fail are located at 0xFE000 and 0x1FE000.

I get a FPVIOL error when I try to erase these sectors.

It appears only the first 16 bytes are failing.


What might cause this? Is there a known mask issue? did I get unlucky twice?

Let me know if more information is required.


Any help is appreciated,