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Can I get a step by step introduction about mfg tool?

Question asked by ahmet koc on Jul 1, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 29, 2016 by Kane Jiang

@Before beginning I asked a similar question but it marked as answered without a real answer. (you can see it here Why nothing happens after "jumping to os image" in mfg tool? )


Hello all,

I have a sabre automative imx6 board MCIMX6xAICPU1 board. I don't know much about MFG TOOL. I did these steps.


1- connected the Debug UART DB9 to PC.

2-connected USB OTG to PC

3- inserted an empty (also with no partition) SD card to PC. ( We also tried with sd card on board, sd card on both pc and board, no sd card.)

4- Ran the MFG TOOL ( It saw the HID - compliant device)

5 - Press start

6- It loaded uboot, kernel  etc.

7- It reached  the "jumping to os image" state and did nothing else.



So can you tell me all steps one by one with answeing these questions?

Are usb connections right?

Where should I put  the SD card? PC or board?

I downloaded L4.1.15_1.1.0_ga-mfg-tools.tar.gz as mfg tool kit from here SABRE|Automotive-Infotainment|i.MX6|NXP

Is it enough itself for installing linux on SD card and/or board?

How can I show correct .dtb file to mfg tool?



Please, don't mark it as answered before it really get resolved. Thanks from now.


Sinan Akman