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KDS 3.2 debug SIGTRAP

Question asked by Toe on Jul 1, 2016

I have run into the exact same problem found in this thread: KDS 3.2 debug mode not working with KL03Z32M4 .


I was using KDS 3.2 with a few different MCUs.  Most recently the FRDM-KL27Z for proof of concept and a KL17 in implementation.


I created a basic app to poll a switch and turn on an LED (that is attached here).  This project uses KSDK 2.0 and the SDA from the FRMD-KL27Z for debugging.  This compiles fine and flashes correctly (with unnecessary NO RESET SCRIPT warning).  Letting the debugger go without any breakpoints causes the SIGTRAP issue:


When the trap occurs the MCU does continue to run and button presses will toggle LEDs.  Once the trap has triggered I can add a break-point in the main loop and after hitting Resume the debugger will reach it, but if the break requires some event to occur the trap will re-trigger.


Following Thomas's suggestion from the other thread, I installed KDS 3.1 (well, 3.0 and as much of the 3.1 zip as it could handle).  That did cause the PE drivers to re-install.  Load the same project and the debugger issue no longer occurs.


I did not uninstall KDS 3.2, so I can go back and forth to see that the project works with 3.1 and not with 3.2.


I created this post because the one linked is "assumed answered", but I don't feel that it really is.  Why is debugging for these MCUs not working in KDS 3.2?

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