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Which KSDK2.0 drivers API can be used in FreeRTOS task

Question asked by Didier JEANJEAN on Jun 30, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 25, 2016 by soledad

Hello everyone,


I need to use KSDK2.0 drivers with FreeRTOS on K22F.

I search in the community but i found nothing about compatibility between KSDK2.0 API drivers and FreeRTOS.

I only found in the community that it is possible to use KDSK2.0 GPIO drivers in FreeRTOS task but nothing more on all others SDK2.0 drivers.

In the drivers folder, the only drivers labelled "FreeRTOS" are :

DSPI with "fsl_dspi_freertos.h"

I2C with    "fsl_i2c_freertos.h"

LPUART with "fsl_lpuart_freertos.h"

UART with "fsl_uart_freertos.h"

That is very limitative, that mean that we can't use ADC, DAC, CMP, TIMERS, FLASH, FTM, PIT, WDOG.

in FreeRTOS tasks ?

In this case even if FreeRTOS is free, i can't use it, because i can only use DSP,UART an I2C ?


The most incomprehensive is that community say that GPIO can be use in FreeRTOS task but it is not labelled "fsl_gpio_freertos.h" ?

Please can you say me where is the logic ?


In the "SDK_2.0.FRDM-K22F\boards\frdmk22f"  I found only FreeRTOS drivers in "rtos_examples".


The question is : can i use  KSDK2.0 drivers in FreeRTOS task ? or i can only use FreeRTOS drivers in FreeRTOS task ?


Is anybody can help  to clarify the question ?


Thank you