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Hardware trigger: ADC start on CT16B0_MAT0 doesnt work...

Question asked by Bernd Sirozynski on Jun 30, 2016
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Hardware trigger: ADC start on CT16B0_MAT0 doesnt work...


Description in Usermanual UM10524

LPC1315/16/17/45/46/47 User manual

Rev. 4 — 12 March 2013


and here Page 356 of 416

Optional conversion on transition on input pin or Timer Match signal.

Page 359 of 416

Note that this does not require that the timer match function appear on a device pin



I have programmed the Timer 0 to a match on every Millisecond.

To ensurte that it works, i toggle a LED in the Interrupt funktion.

i looked to the Oscilloscope, all is fine.

in this function i started per software the ADC with writing 0x01 to the START bits

in ADC_CR register. The ADC conversion starts and after conversion i get a ADC Interrupt.

it works correct.


Now is want to start the ADC automatically on match,

so i wrote 0x06  (start conversion on CT16B0_MAT0) to the START bits. 

but the ADC never startet on match.

i have spend a lot of time to find the problem, but cant find it.

Maybe there is a Problem in the CHIP ? or i misunderstood the User manual ?