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HCS12XEQ384 - Global Memory Map (Documentation) <-> Output Map

Question asked by Sascha Pfengler on Jun 30, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 30, 2016 by Radek Sestak

Hi there!

New S12X-Developer here.


Ive been studying "MC9S12XEP100 Reference Manual Covers MC9S12XE Family"…


In this documentation I'm told that global Flash addr. ranges from 0x78_0000 to 0x79_FFFF (128 kB) and 0x7C_0000 to 0x7F_FFFF (256 kB).


Now when I take a look into the .map file I see things like these:



     Name               Module                 Addr   hSize   dSize     Ref    Section   RLIB


MODULE:                 -- Start12.c.o --


     Init                                    FE8000      29      41       2   .text      

     _Startup                                  C029       B      11       1   NON_BANKED 



-> Startcode at 0xFE8000 which exceeds 0x79FFFF.


Am I missing something?

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