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How to configure T4240 rev. 2.0 processor to 10GBASE-KR interface instead of XFI?

Discussion created by Dmitry Slezkin on Jun 30, 2016
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We are using the T4240 processor and our board has the 10GBASE-KR interface between SoC and PLD.

Previously used T4240RDB uses XFI interface which by default has incompatible settings with 10GBASE-KR.

I found that this mode can't be choosed completely by RCW and it is needed to change the SerDes2_LNxTECR0 to tune SoC peripherial mode.

I also found that the Linux kernel has a module "fsl_10gkr" which has the "tune_tecr0" function to perform the mode switch. But we don't know the case when this function called.



What is the proper way to change XFI settings to 10GBASE-KR. We have to write the register directly or may be it can be performed by some utility or kernel reconfigure?