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can't connect to frdm-kl25z

Question asked by Paul Rees on Jun 30, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 1, 2016 by Paul Rees

Unhappy Camper here, my tale of woe begins as follows…


I Purchased a FRDM-CD1030EVM to evaluate the CD1030 – a 33 Channel Switch Detection Interface. I want to monitor switch closures.


I thought I was getting the following, per the User Guide -FRDM-CD1030EVM Evaluation Board, Rev. 1.0, 1/2016. According to section 2.1 of the user guide-


  1. 2.1 Kit Contents/Packing List

The FRDM-CD1030EVM contents include:

• Assembled and tested FRDM-CD1030EVM customer evaluation board/module in anti-static bag

• Pre-programmed FRDM-KL25Z SPI Communication Board

• KIT-SW33-EVB Switch and Adapter boards

• Warranty card


What I actually received was an Assembled and tested FRDM-CD1030EVM customer evaluation board/module in anti-static bag and Warranty card.


So, I had to separately Purchase a FRDM-KL25Z to go with the FRDM-CD1030EVM. When I got the FRDM-KL25Z it had no Female Header Receptacles attached to the Board. Now I had to separately Purchase the Connectors and solder them to the Board so that I could then plug the FRDM-CD1030EVM into the FRDM-KL25Z.


Now I plug the USB Cable into the SDA USB Receptacle and into my Windows 7 PC. My PC doesn’t respond in any way. So I go looking for Drivers and get them installed. Finally my PC recognizes the FRDM-KL25Z.


I now mate the FRDM-CD1030EVM to the FRDM-KL25Z. With the USB Cable connected, I start SPIgen (a fully customizable SPI generator software package) from my PC. The first thing that happens is I get an error message that says, The SPI Dongle was not detected. Great, I guess I needed that Pre-programmed FRDM-KL25Z SPI Communication Board that was supposed to come in the Kit.


Anyway, I try to update the firmware according to OpenSDA Firmware Update Instructions. When I get done doing that my PC no longer recognizes the FRDM-KL25Z. It will only see the FRDM-KL25Z when it is in Bootloader mode – Pressing down on the Reset Button, and then plugging in the USB Cable and then releasing the Reset Button. When I look at SDA_INFO.HTM in the Bootloader I get –


Board Name is: FRDM-KL25Z

MicroBoot Kernel Version is: 1.05

Bootloader Version is: 1.09

Application Version is: 0.00

DUID is: F7A33938-D57381B2-375E9806-C68CE678

EUID is: FF41A239-57D9871C-185DBA21-A49568D6

TUID is: 74823938-473281A3-37640819-C53AE678

TOA is: 86B6E505-F9B4DA4E-41E6B687-D3329150

TOA2 is: 86B6E505-62E3657B-CDE430D7-9D33FEDF

SUID is: 86B6E505-6C47A61D-37239804-8003EC65


Clearly, the Bootloader Version was not updated to Rev. 1.11.


And now anytime I try to load anything while in Bootloader Mode (the Green LED is Flashing on and off at around a half second rate), the Green LED will Flash 7 times in rapid succession, pause for around 3 seconds and then Flash 7 times in rapid succession again and again.


I also tried loading Usb-Spi-Dongle-firmware-for-KL25Z-HB2000-1 and UsbSpiDongleKL25Z_PT2000v525 with no success.


I’m thinking this is taking way too much time just trying to test out the CD1030 Switch Monitor using this Evaluation Kit.


Is there any set of simple instructions on how to get this thing Working?


  -Unhappy Camper