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Orientation Matrix

Question asked by Diego Falk on Jun 30, 2016



I'mworking on a global positioning system using sensor fusion library on a FRDM-K64F integrated with a GNSS system.

Right now, I'm trying to obtain the board's orientation/attitude on the ECEF frame in XYZ coordinates to initialize the system.
Fusion library provides a matrix called thisSV_9DOF_GBY_KALMAN.fRPl. Apparently this is the rotation/conversion matrix from body frame to NED frame. After getting that matrix, I perform another conversion from NED frame to ECEF frame based on a known ECEF position.

Unfortunately, I'm not getting good results. This orientation is not aligned with the GNSS trajectory.

Is this a valid way to do it? Is there a better way?

Is the thisSV_9DOF_GBY_KALMAN.fRPl matrix what I think it is?