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Why do I get Exception vector name: Address Error?

Question asked by Monika K on Jun 29, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 1, 2016 by soledad



I am using MQX 3.8 with an MCF52259 and CodeWarrior 7.2. I have been running into an address error exception. When I try to use the debugger and step through the code I can go up to find_nonempty_queue routine in dispatch.s. It seems to get stuck in a loop here. So I use a breakpoint just outside this in no_one_to_run. I am able to continue stepping over until the following lines:


     stop           #0x2000


     move.w      #0x2000, sr



PSP_STOP_ON_IDLE is defined as 1 but attempting to execute the stop instruction gives the earlier mentioned error notification from CW. Just before executing the stop, the stack window looks like the attached picture. After getting the error the stack window in the debugger just shows DummyFn1 multiple times (From looking at the assembly code I believe DummyFn1 is the name for _sched_start_internal?)

Could someone explain the meaning of this piece of code and why it's causing this error?