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Problem returning double from a function.

Question asked by Alex Tait on Jun 29, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 30, 2016 by Alex Tait

I am migrating an existing CW10.4 project to include USB with bootloader on a product.


Starting with the existing project, i have copied in P&E components, .lcf files etc from another product which already has USB working. This is now working as expected.


However, the new project is not returning a double correctly, whereas the existing project does.


As far as i can tell, all the project settings are the same, both use Codewarrior ARM C compiler etc.


I have attached screenshots showing a difference in assembler between the two projects where the double is returned from a function. These functions are identical in source code.


There must be a setting somewhere i have missed...


I've seen on non-kinetis CW that you can specify if double is 32bit or 64bit, but can't find this for kinetis.  Could it be related to this?