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MPC5604  code jump fail

Question asked by ning li on Jun 29, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 1, 2016 by Lukas Zadrapa

Hello,Very thinks to notice my questions.

     I'm developing bootloader on MPC5604 using UART0 and it works well. I download form linux via uart to MPC5604. Frist I burn bootloader on the address 0x00000000, then bootloader runs and download app to the address 0x00018000, when finished, bootloader jumped to app using


SYS_Jump2App(*((uint32_t *)(0x00018000+4)));



App works well too. But In the app, when I want to jump back to bootloader using

SYS_Jump2App(*((uint32_t *)(0x00000000+4)));


it appears failed, and the bootloader can't run.  Hoever, but if when I want to jump back to bootloader using reset  method in app, the bootlader can startup well. As when we upgrate our app, reseting the system is not allowed because all IO status should not changed.


Is there any problem when using

SYS_Jump2App(*((uint32_t *)(0x00000000+4)));


? Or there's other things to notice?

Thanks very much!

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