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Debug console on USBCDC

Question asked by biafra on Jun 28, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 5, 2016 by therealfreegeek

Hi everyone,


I'm using KDS v 3.2.0 with all updates, KSDK v 2.0 and TWRK65F180M.

I'm trying to use USC CDC as debug console, but I'm in the dark.


It seems that I have to call DbgConsole_Init with DEBUG_CONSOLE_DEVICE_TYPE_USBCDC value as device parameter, but I cannot find which value the other parameters have to be. Moreover in the DbgConsole_Init function there is not the case statement belonging to DEBUG_CONSOLE_DEVICE_TYPE_USBCDC device parameter value and therefore the kStatus_InvalidArgument value is returned.


I've found a tutorial on this argument but it is referred to KSDK 1.3. Is there any examples for KSDK 2.0?


Many thanks