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Cannot debug with FRDM-K22F and USBDM

Question asked by Abdullah Kahraman on Jun 28, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 30, 2016 by Alice_Yang



I want to debug on board K22 microcontroller on my FRDM-K22F board using CodeWarrior, however I am having this error:




My debug configuration for CodeWarrior is as follows. I cannot change "Erase Options". No matter what I select, the next time I open the dialog, it resets back to "Block erase entire device".





I have a new FRDM-K22F board and I have programmed it with USBDM using "OpenSDAv2_1_Unique_ID.bin" file under the folder "../pgo/USBDM".

The board is listed fine in the Device Manager, as it can be seen in below screenshot:



Codewarrior also shows that the USBDM plugins are installed:





I can also, with no errors, detect, program and verify the chip using "ARM Programmer" tool of USBDM:




What could possible be my problem? Why I cannot debug it using CodeWarrior?