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I2C works in Debug with Multilink universal, not in standalone

Question asked by Samuel Conti on Jun 28, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 21, 2016 by Kerry Zhou



I use the I2C bus of the MKL17Z256VFT4 at 400KHz. When I have the PE Multilink universal connected to the board it works perfectly, when I unplug the Mulitlink it always works but when I restart my board the I2C bus doesn't work. I know my program is running because I do a blink of a LED thanks to a PIT_Interrupt. I have 2 I2C slaves on the bus and no response of the both so I think it's from the MCU.


On BK000001.BMP it's I2C frame when it works and on BL00002.BMP when it doesn't work. This last appears just one time at the start-up of the MCU, after this the bus remains in Vcc State. I think the MCU try a first communication then abandons.

It seems the clock doesn't want to works, SDA fall to "0" but not the SCL.