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Hi, I'm new to the KDS environment, I can not make it run smoothly.

Question asked by Ludek Drobny on Jun 27, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 28, 2016 by Ludek Drobny

Hi, I used to use CW10.6 within Eclipse plus Processor Expert components and MQX-Lite RTOS.

Now with our new hardware design featuring Kinetis MK10FN1M0VLQ12 MCU I am trying to switch to KDS 3.2.0, using PEx components and also Erich Styger's component for FreeRTOS 9.0.0.

I came across several topics I have problems to solve:

- "my" MCU is listed in KDS 3.2.0 list of supported devices. But very often it seems KSDK kit should also be installed (v.1.3 or v2.0). But neither v.1.3 nor v2.0 supports "my" MCU. The best fit seems to be MK10DN512 supported by KSDK v1.3, but it is not the same chip. When I install Erich Styger's PEx component for FreeRTOS 9.0.0 it also installs some referenced componnets that ask me what type od KSDK   am I using, option "none" is not available. On the other hand I saw a post here featuring "my" MCU and it uses KSDK v1.3. What is the best configuration for my project?

- With the KDS I am using a P&E micro Multilink FX debug probe. I can very ofter make it running after a restart of the complete KDS and almost never when trying to relaunch the same project later. Restarting the KDS generally helps. Looks like my Debug session is not properly set-up, yet I believe I played with the setup long enough.

- sometimes I get a strange console message:

It looks like a message from the debugger server (GDB) that tells me to go to the menu options. I simply didn't find it.

- My first task of my project is to make sure the free running FreRTOS on my complete PCboard consumes the minimal possible current. During the hw initialization I set many pins to their proper values so that my modules on my board are switched off. After the switching-off of the modules I am stopping the MCU completely to make sure it draws the minimal possible current (using PEx Cpu_SetOperationMode(DOM_STOP,...)). The next Debug session is unable to get the MCU out of this state (I am using P&E Multilink FX with the 20-pin connection). What always helps is to press my manual reset button on the board. The JTAG TRST signal on my probe is connected. The MCU PEx configuration has the nTRST checkbox in the JTAG interface checked. It looks like the debugger is unable to get the MCU from the STOP mode.

- there are some more issues but not so urgent and severe as these. Could someone please give me some advice?