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Problem saving data from SD Card

Question asked by diego puntin on Jun 28, 2016

Hi, I have the next code.


void file_directory (void)  {
  FINFO info;
    struct {char *name;} mensaje[255];
    int i = 0;
    char *aux;
  info.fileID = 0;                             /* info.fileID must be set to 0 */

  while (ffind ("M:*.bmp", &info) == 0)  
    {       /* find whatever is in drive "R0:" */
        printf ("\n%-32s %5d bytes, ID: %04d",, info.size, info.fileID);
        aux = (char*);
        mensaje[i].name = aux;
  if (info.fileID == 0)  {
    printf ("\nNo files...");


When I tried to save the all the files .BMP in the array mensaje[], I get the next:



All the positions of mensaje[] were filled with the last image reading. Who I can solve it.