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USB CCID on Kinetis SDK

Question asked by YK Lee on Jun 27, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 4, 2016 by YK Lee

Dear All!


I am finding the example for USB CCID at Kinetis SDK.

At usb_device_class.c included at SDK v 2.0, I could find below.



#include "usb_device_ccid.h"



In my thoght to activate(use) USB CCID feature both options(USB_DEVICE_CONFIG_CCID and USB_DEVICE_CONFIG_CCID) should be enabled.


But at any place of SDK I could not find the code 'usb_device_ccid.h' itself.

Could you please give me any advice about USB CCID and how to add/use this feature on SDK v 2.0?


Frankly I could find below comments at USB Stack user's guide.pdf but it is also not clear for me.


Best Regards,

YK Lee