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Qt5.6 widget erase problem on MCIMX7SABRE

Question asked by Benoit Lepy on Jun 27, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 7, 2016 by Benoit Lepy

I'm working on a QT5.6 (QWidget) application for an IMX7 embedded system.

This developpement was started an tuned on a PC running under UBUNTU 14.04. It runs perfectly under this environment.

Now I try this application on MCIMX7SABRE eval board, using linuxfb plugin (IMX7 doesn't have graphic accelerator).

All Widgets are correctly displayed on the monitor, but I've got trouble with screen refresh.

The widgets are never deleted and overlap to infinity.

Hidden windows, for example, are never erased, and image cursor is drawn over its last positions.


I tried this application on IMX6Sabre with openGl and got the same problems.


Does anyone have an idea?