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I am trying to view if ACQ_ETEMP or ACQ_VOLT registers are changing or not when I program MM9Z1J638. I have some trouble with the ADC results.

Question asked by kadir uzun on Jun 27, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 12, 2016 by kadir uzun

Hello all,


As far as I know, the ADC results are kept in ACQ_CURR, ACQ_VOLT, and ACQ_ETEMP-ACQ_ITEMP registers in MM9Z1J638 intelligent battery sensor. However, when I connect the board to my computer via P&E's Universal Multilink and debug it, I cannot see what I expect as resultant ADC.


First of all, I connect board to my PC.

Then I debug the demo code.

Then I connect another voltage source to _NTC and NTC pins. Thus, I create a voltage difference which should be written into ACQ_ETEMP register. I change the voltage levels. But, the ADC result I see from "register view" of freescale's code warrior does not change. I tried to set PA7 of the MCU, when the adc result is greater than a value or less than some other value, I was not able to see any change on the oscilloscope which is connected to PA7 output pin.


How can I see that as I change the voltage level applied in between _NTC and NTC pins results in a change of ADC value which is kept in ACQ_ETEMP register.


Are there any other method to see the adc result? Why does it always end up with the same ADC result in ACQ_ETEMP register although I change the voltage difference in between _NTC and NTC pins? Similarly, when I apply some voltage difference in between Cell1- and Cell1+ for (Vsense channel) and when I change the difference, I do not see any change in ACQ_VOLT register. Again, I do not see why the register values in which ADC results are kept does not change.


I am looking forward to see your comments and advices.

Thanks in advance.