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Upgrade from i.MX6 Quad to i.MX6 QuadPlus

Question asked by James Kahkoska on Jun 27, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 17, 2017 by Tamilarasan E

We are considering move from i.MX6 Quad to i.MX6 QuadPlus, from hardware side it is pin-to-pin compatible with i.MX6 Quad/Dual.


However, on software side, we noticed that this new processor is only officially supported with Android 6.0. Now we are working with Android 5.0.1 on i.MX 6 Dual/Quad. So, if we move to QuadPlus, on software side, what should we change for that new processor?


  • Should we move to Android 6.0 as well?
  • If not, would it be a big work to transfer to the new processor based on Android 5.0?
  • What would be the major points to be changed on software side if we transfer to Quad Plus and still use Android 5.0?