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how to add more chip selects in T1040RDB_init_core.tcl file

Question asked by gourav jain on Jun 26, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 12, 2016 by ufedor

Hi all,

Want to add more chip selects in T1040RDB_initcore.tcl file(original). so what i did, performed some free space testing on working chip select 

# LAW1 to IFC (CPLD) - 128K
mem [CCSR_ADDR 0xc10] = 0x00000000
mem [CCSR_ADDR 0xc14] = 0xFFDF0000
mem [CCSR_ADDR 0xc18] = 0x81F00010

by changing just  mem [CCSR_ADDR 0xc14] = 0xA0000000 and


        mem [CCSR_ADDR [expr {0x124010 + $Altera_CS * 0x0C}]] = 0xA0000085


but its not working. pls tell me what else places i need to modify ??