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USDPAA Application Hello_Reflector

Question asked by 易 黄 on Jun 27, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 27, 2016 by bpe

Hello friends, i got a problem when i using the usdpaa application: hello_reflector.

according to the sdk info center, i had modified the dts file just like the following :

ethernet@1 {

  compatible = "fsl,t1040-dpa-ethernet-init", "fsl,dpa-ethernet-init";

  fsl,bman-buffer-pools = <&bp7 &bp8 &bp9>;

  fsl,qman-frame-queues-rx = <0x52 1 0x53 1>;

  fsl,qman-frame-queues-tx = <0x72 1 0x73 1>;


after system  ready,  i input "ifconfig" command  to ensure the ethernet configuration, none ethernet inerface shown but loopback interface. the driver "fsl,dpa-ethernet-init" may be wrong found nothing in source code, so how can i do for the question? thanks much more for your help. thanks...