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MPC5748G CAN-FD bit timing

Question asked by Antonio Grau on Jun 27, 2016
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I have a couple of questions. I´m using a MPC5748G and I want to change the bit timming when using CAN-FD mode.

Currently I have CAN-FD working with 500kbps arbritation and 2000Kbps Data Phase working.


Now I want to change the sample point to make some tests.

Is there any document like "FlexCANbitTiming.pdf" but for CAN-FD?


I understood from Reference Manual that CAN-FD arbitration bit timing is affected by CAN_CTRL1 or CAN_CBT and data phase is affected only by register CAN_FDCBT, right?


As far I understood, the CRC on the register is filled at TX: "This register is updated at the same time the Tx Interrupt Flag is asserted."

Is the CAN module checking also the CRC of received frames? Is there a code to calculate CRC of CANFD frames of a non-iso can-fd?


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