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OLD: Painter / UOC Bench Programmer

Discussion created by Chris Lott on Jun 26, 2016

This almost belongs in a historical forum, but here goes.  I foolishly threw away my two bench programmers a few years ago during an office move.  At the time, it seemed I would NEVER need them again.  Well, guess what?  I received a small order for an old Painter-based product.  I can still get blank Painter chips, but without a programmer I'm out of luck. 


To the best of my knowledge, these units were never sold, but were clearly provided to each development team for lab testing.  The part number for the two units I had are as follows:


7313 903 0024-3 Painter/UOC Bench Programmer



7313 903 0024-2  Painter/UOC Bench Programmer


Note: the “903” could be “303” or “503”, I can’t tell exactly from the picture I have.  They function identically, just the -3 version is slightly newer one.  The two I had were made out of the Southampton office, and my contact there told me all remaining equipment had been purged years ago with the cancellation of the Painter / UOC family. 


Alternatively, if someone knows whether Philips/NXP ever released the programming details for these chips, I could consider "rolling my own" programmer.  That would depend on the details, of course.


Help much appreciated.


-Chris Lott

Seoul, South Korea