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Pair of MC9S08AC60-cannot program-periodic reset?

Discussion created by Michael Fugere on Jun 24, 2016
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I am migrating a design from using a pair of older MC908GP32 microcontrollers to a pair of MC9S08AC60CPUE devices.  I am using P&E Micro USB Universal MultiLink and CodeWarrior Special Edition 10.6 in Win7 or the Classic IDE version on XP.  In the original design with the MON08-based MC908GP32 units, the /RST pins were tied together on the controllers - presumably so a fault reset on one would induce a reset on the other.   Each device was programmable with P&E Micro's MON08 version Multilink cable. It all worked fine.

In the new design, I kept both /RESET pins on the MC9S08AC60 microcontrollers tied together, and brought the net trace also out to the RESET pins on the separate 6-pin BKGND debug headers (1 header for each device), but all tied to a common /RESET net.

I cannot program either device because it seems I cannot stay in BKGND mode. Always end up with Error 34 from PE Micro/programmer interface.  Vcc is very stable (5.0V), and there are 0.1uF caps on the RESET pins on each device. Placing a scope probe on the RESET pins indicates one (or both) of the new devices causing /RESET to pulse low approximately 75 milliseconds apart before going high again, even with new programming cable attached.  Is this normal behavior for brand new (virgin) devices?    If so, I guess I need to separate the /RESET pin connections to each micro and its respective  BKGD programming header so they don't interfere?


Thanks for any advice!