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Question asked by Roman Storozhenko on Jun 24, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 28, 2016 by Kyle Engstrom


A am engineer from Ukraine.

A have a task: created board with IMX6 Dual Lite, 4 Gbyte DDR3.

In "Document Number: IMX6SDLRM Rev. 2, 04/2015" page 3911 write:

"If the DDR memory space allocation is 4 Gbytes, only one configuration of chip select

partition is allowed.

The register MDASP[CS0_END] should be set to 011_1111 (partition at 2 Gbytes).

The figure below shows the associated memory space. In the case of DDR3 x64, this

address space can be acheived by connecting four devices per chip select. Each device is

x16 with density of 4 Gbytes."


"Each device is x16 with density of 4 Gbytes"  or Each device is x16 with density of 4 Gbits ?


If I get you right, i can not create 4 Gbyte space from 4 chip of each chip 8Gbit ?