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How to use Linux Performance Monitoring Unit (PMU) on iMX6Q-SL

Question asked by mahieu lucas on Jun 24, 2016
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Two full days i am tring to understand how to use the Linux Performance Monitoring Unit on my Sabre Lite.


I have the LXDE Trusty Ubuntu Linux 3.14.28 from Boundary Devices.


I am tring to install : GitHub - thoughtpolice/enable_arm_pmu: Enable user-mode access to ARMv7/Linux performance counters


but i always have his error : Compilation error : Syntax error · Issue #4 · thoughtpolice/enable_arm_pmu · GitHub


I am pretty sur the thing a want to do is possible : linux-imx6/pmu.txt at master · samnazarko/linux-imx6 · GitHub


but I don't understand what i am doing wrong ...


I also try to look into the kernel option, and i have this option selected in the kernel menuconfig: “Kernel performance events and counters” which is found under “General setup" then under "Kernel Performance Events and Counters” .

(ref . Using the ARM Performance Monitor Unit (PMU) Linux Driver  )



does't someone success to did it?


Best reagards