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How to transfer file OTA from iPhone to mesh network of QN9020DKs?

Question asked by Eng Wooi Tan on Jun 23, 2016

Hi I'm a beginner at this.

How do I send files from my iPhone to the QN9020DKs? I've already managed to connect four DKs to my phone thru the "NXP Mesh" app. Firmware downloaded into the DK is the sample from (...MiniDK\Project\prj_mesh\keil\mesh.uvproj). All steps I've taken I've followed documents provided by NXP.


This is my current process in the app:

Create mesh network >>> Start OTA >>> Select file to load.


There's an error that pops up saying there's no response from my selected DK after 13s of waiting and asking me to check firmware and re-load. I've tried pressing buttons 1 & 2 on the DK, but I don't see any results. Please help. I can't find any documents to help me neither.


Thank you.