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Issue in Miracast source with nitrogen6_max

Question asked by Jaimin Thakkar on Jun 23, 2016
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We are facing issue in miracst "source". We are using nitrogen6_max board with wl1837 module over SDIO interface. Android release is boundary-imx-kk4.4.3_2.0.0-ga . We have successfully interfaced WL1837 module. WiFi Direct/P2P functionality is working properly. We are using "WiFi-Display Sink player" android application as miracast "sink" on Samsung galaxy S6. This sink app is working fine with other mobile phones as miracast source.


Please help us to find the issue.

Please find logs and screenshot of distorted result at sink app. Frames changes at sink while changes at source but with distorted effect.

We are getting following error from /myandroid_kk/external/fsl_imx_omx/stagefright/src/OMXFSLPlugin.cpp:

" Not supported color format 4! "

Our Setup: Nitrogen6_max + 1024x768 display + wl1837mod WiFi



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