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About Imx28 HAB OTP and Mfgtool

Question asked by bruce chen on Jun 23, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 26, 2016 by igorpadykov

I am like below step to step to opreation:

     1. According Programming_OTP_Bits.pdf file use keygen tool create new key

                         ./keygen customkey.txt

     2. Copy the customkey.txt key file to firmware project folder, and create new and files

                         elftosb -k customkey.txt -f imx28 -c ./ -o

                         elftosb -k customkey.txt -f imx28 -c  ./ -o

     3. According Programming_OTP_Bits.pdf file create bit_setting.txt for imx28, the content like below:


                         lock_rom0 = true

                         lock_cryptodcp = true

                         lock_cryptodcp_alt = true

     4.According Programming_OTP_Bits.pdf file create file

                         ./ -i kone_bit_settings.txt -k customkey.txt  --srk SRK_1_2_3_4_fuse.bin

     5.Copy file to BitInit_2.2 folder, and use BitInit.exe tool burn the file

                         At windows 7 cmd execute BitInit.exe to burn

     6.Copy and to Mfgtool profile folder

                         Use Mfgtool programming *sb files

     7.Get like below error code:



I am trying to modify Mfgtool ucl.xml config file, at kobs-ng cmd add -k option and keygen tool create of customer.txt hex string, but get invalid key error


I don't know is my operation step has some question or is bit_setting.txt config has error e.g. some bit not burn or other.......