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USB MSD Pull Up Internal Resistor MK60 / MK64

Question asked by philipp on Jun 23, 2016
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I am trying to use the MK60 and the MK64 as a Mass Storage Device via USB. In the beginning I started with the Freescale TWR K60D100m and it works fine. The TWR is connected as a MSD.

Afterwards I tried the same with my custom hardware (also MK60) and nothing happened. I tried the same with the MK64 (also custom hardware) and still nothing happens.

I guessed the pullup resistor at D+ is not activated. That's why I used an external Pull Up Resistor and the device was recognised as an Unknown Device... the problem was, that it stayed unkown. I read, that it is possible, that the USB is initializing to slow and that the PC doesn't wait long enough for the device.


That's why I want to try it with the internal Pull Up Resistor at D+ of the MK60 and/or the MK64. My problem is, that I don't know, how I can do this. Can you help me?


I am using Kinetis Design Studio and KSDK 1.3


Thank you!