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LPC43xx / Gainspan Interaction

Question asked by Michael Brennan Employee on Jun 21, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 19, 2016 by Omid Athari

I've got your LPCXpresso43xx/18xx Vrs 3 Rev B and GainSpan SDIOWAB-GW
Rev 1 card with LPC43S67 checked on the back.  I've downloaded and
activated the LPCXpresso IDE.  I have a TeraTerm virtual terminal running.

I imported projects from LPCOpen->LPC4300 Series, Latest LPCOpen v2.xx tab,
v2.16.  The LPCXpresso toolchain wasn't available but it turned out it was
bundled with the IAR toolchain.

I built and ran the periph_sdio project.  It failed to detect the GainSpan
card.  Terminal displays: "DBG: SDIO Card init error: 0xFFFFFFFE,

There's a readme in the project that says:
"Example description  This example initializes/enumerates the GainSpan
SDIO card and will enable users to interact with the card using the UART.
Keystrokes captured from UART is submitted to the CARD via SDIO and the
response from the CARD is printed on the UART terminal.

Special connection requirements On the LPC4337 Xpresso shield board JP3 must be
soldered to shunt."

Unfortunately, there's a resistor at J3...   I think I'm stuck unless
there's another example project or board.


Any ideas would be appreciated!