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BeeStack BlackBox missing command Match Descriptor Request

Discussion created by Rostislav Stepanov on Jun 21, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 23, 2016 by Juan Carlos Pacheco

I created a ZigBee coordinator that operates as a Freescale black box according “BeeStack BlackBox ZigBee Test Client Reference Manual, Rev. 1.4”

It is connected over UART to a host machine. I develop an application on the Host machine that controls the ZigBee coordinator. I record all traffic over UART.

In the same time I monitor the communications using the Ubiqua ZigBee protocol analyzer.

  1. Successfully run a network creation and connect a motion detector (by Smartenit) to the coordinator.
  2. Compare UART log and Protocol analyzer log.


I see in the log of Ubiqua that “Match Descriptor Request” message is issued by the device (Motion detector).

The command “Match Descriptor Request” is not presented in the the log of UART The communication, but “APSDE Data Ind” and “AFSDE message data ind” have the payload containing the parameters  of the “Match Descriptor Request” .


I confirmed that “Match Descriptor Request” and “Match Descriptor Response” are supported in the code I copied to the Zigbee coordinator.


/*Compiler time option to compile out Match Descriptor Request*/

#ifndef gMatch_Desc_req_d

#define gMatch_Desc_req_d TRUE



#ifndef gMatch_Desc_rsp_d /* The command is Mandatory on the server side */

#define gMatch_Desc_rsp_d TRUE