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LPC4357  CAN problem

Question asked by Swapnil Kulkarni on Jun 21, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 28, 2016 by Kerry Zhou

I have written a driver for LPC4357 CAN. CAN bus was not working when CPU clock is set at 204MHz. Whenever a message is sent, bit 0 error occurred and CAN entered in bus off state.

Then I checked with different CPU clock frequencies.

I could go upto 200MHz when other CAN node is LPC1768.

But when other CAN node is LPC4357, I could go upto 120MHz only.

Is there anything wrong with my CAN driver or there is something to be handled with CPU clock?

As per data sheet, CAN peripheral clock should be less than 50MHz. I have taken care of it by using CAN CLKDIV and IDIVD clock source.

Also I am not using any peripheral on APB3 (I2C, ADC, DAC) as per mentioned in errata.