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About Imx28 HAB IVT

Question asked by bruce chen on Jun 20, 2016
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According AN555 pdf description


The Image Vector Table (IVT) is a mandatory part of the boot image, and its structure is defined as:

typedef struct


uint32_t header;

uint32_t *entry;

uint32_t reserved1;

uint32_t *dcd;

boot_data_t *boot_data;

uint32_t *self;

uint32_t *csf;

uint32_t reserved2;

} hab_ivt_t;


uint32_t: A type representing a 32 bit unsigned integer.

Header: Header identifying the type of data structure (0xD1), its size (0x0020), and HAB

version (0x40). For i.MX28, this is D100 2040h.

*entry: Absolute address of the first instruction to execute from the image.

reserved1: Reserved and should be zero.

*dcd: Absolute address of the image Device Configuration Table (DCD). If using

bootlets to configure i.MX28, this field should be set to NULL.

*boot_data: Absolute address of the Boot Data structure. This should be set to NULL for


*self: Absolute address of the IVT. Used internally by the ROM.

*csf: Absolute address of the Command Sequence File (CSF) used by the HAB library.

This field must be set to NULL when not performing a secure boot.

reserved2: Reserved and should be zero.



"The IVT is a block of data that must reside on the boot device."   this line what's meaning?  The IVT how to reside on the boot device?