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How to solve the problem of the USB-ML-CFE emulator?

Discussion created by ren rui on Jun 21, 2016
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The problem on the USB-ML-CFE Rev.D

I often use the USB-ML-CFE Rev.D to develop the program on the CPU MCF5484 ,debug the program on line,erase the flash and progam the flash,but now ,I fail to erase and program the flash.  The only thing I can do is to debug the program on the line.  the MCF5484 module I am using is sured to behave correctly.

Erase operation:

I use the CF FLASHER  tool to erase the external flash S29GL128N ,the erase progress reach the end and message shows that  the flash has been erased completely .if successed, the memory window ,should be filled with 0xff, but in fact with 0x00,the result is not correct in fact.

Program operation:

I also use the CF FLASHER to program the flash , it seems as the progress has been done completely ,but when I  verify this program ,the verifying operation fail.

Debug the program using the CodeWarrior

I write a small pease of program and set the register to switch the led on and off,this program can run correctly as I expected.

So I want to get a help ,who can save me from this problem? thank you in advance.