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Jumping from one image to another (5282).

Discussion created by svchamlian svchamlian on Jun 5, 2008
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I have an image (BL) running in SRAM or Internal Flash from address (0 to 0x4000).

From this BL, I would like to jump to another application burned in
Internal Flash address 0x8000. Note that from 0x8000 to 0x8438, I have
the vector table as well as some data, so the actual code starts at 0x8438.

What are the steps (in assembly I presume) to achieve this?

I tried the following without success:

 uint32 APP_START = 0x8438; asm ( move.w        #0x2700,sr); // Disable interrupts asm ( MOVE.L   (APP_START), A0); asm ( jmp   (a0));