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LPC1769 receive string using ringbuffers

Question asked by lucas fontan on Jun 20, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 22, 2020 by Kerry Zhou

Hi, I'm using LPCOpen with FreeRTOS and I need to read from a WiFi module with AT commands a string which length is larger than a one that could be read with the the function Chip_UART_Read(), so I decided to use ringbuffers. I can send data without problem, but no receiving the response of the module, It seems that I'm not using well the Chip_UART_ReadRB() function. This is my code:


void WIFI_UART_IRqHandler (void) {   static portBASE_TYPE xHigherPriorityTaskWoken = pdFALSE;    NVIC_DisableIRQ(WIFI_UART_IRQ);   NVIC_ClearPendingIRQ(WIFI_UART_IRQ);     Chip_UART_TXIntHandlerRB(WIFI_UART_LPC, &WIFI_RxRingBuffer);     xSemaphoreGiveFromISR(xUartIRQSemaforo, &xHigherPriorityTaskWoken);    portEND_SWITCHING_ISR( xHigherPriorityTaskWoken );    NVIC_ClearPendingIRQ(WIFI_UART_IRQ);  }


int main(void) {   vSemaphoreCreateBinary(xUartIRQSemaforo);    xTaskCreate(vWIFI_RBReceive_from_ESP,(const char *)"Recibe los datos" ,configMINIMAL_STACK_SIZE , NULL 1 , NULL ) ;  vTaskStartScheduler();  return 1; }


void WIFI_UART_Init(void) {   //Configuro los pines que voy a usar para la UART   Chip_IOCON_Init(WIFI_UART_IOCON);   Chip_IOCON_PinMux(WIFI_UART_IOCON,WIFI_RxTx_Port,WIFI_RX_PIN,IOCON_MODE_PULLUP,WIFI_UART_Pin_Func);   Chip_IOCON_PinMux(WIFI_UART_IOCON,WIFI_RxTx_Port,WIFI_TX_PIN,IOCON_MODE_PULLUP,WIFI_UART_Pin_Func);    //Ahora configuro la UART propiamente dicha    /* Setup UART for 115.2K8N1 */   Chip_UART_Init(WIFI_UART_LPC);   Chip_UART_SetBaud(WIFI_UART_LPC, 115200);   Chip_UART_ConfigData(WIFI_UART_LPC, (UART_LCR_WLEN8 | UART_LCR_SBS_1BIT));   Chip_UART_SetupFIFOS(WIFI_UART_LPC, (UART_FCR_FIFO_EN | UART_FCR_TRG_LEV2));   Chip_UART_TXEnable(WIFI_UART_LPC);    /* Before using the ring buffers, initialize them using the ring     buffer init function */   RingBuffer_Init(&WIFI_RxRingBuffer, WIFI_RxBuff, 1, WIFI_UART_RxRB_SIZE);   RingBuffer_Init(&WIFI_TxRingBuffer, WIFI_TxBuff, 1, WIFI_UART_TxRB_SIZE);    /* Reset and enable FIFOs, FIFO trigger level 3 (14 chars) */   Chip_UART_SetupFIFOS(WIFI_UART_LPC, (UART_FCR_FIFO_EN | UART_FCR_RX_RS |UART_FCR_TX_RS | UART_FCR_TRG_LEV3));    /* Enable receive data and line status interrupt */   Chip_UART_IntEnable(WIFI_UART_LPC, (UART_IER_RBRINT | UART_IER_RLSINT));    /* preemption = 1, sub-priority = 1 */   NVIC_SetPriority(WIFI_UART_IRQ, 1);   NVIC_EnableIRQ(WIFI_UART_IRQ);  }


void vWIFI_RBReceive_from_ESP(void) {   xSemaphoreTakeFromISR(xUartIRQSemaforo, 0);    while(1)   {   if(xSemaphoreTakeFromISR(xUartIRQSemaforo, portMAX_DELAY))   {        Chip_UART_ReadRB(WIFI_UART_LPC, &WIFI_RxRingBuffer, &WIFI_RxBuff, 1);         Chip_UART_IntEnable(WIFI_UART_LPC,UART_IER_BITMASK);         NVIC_ClearPendingIRQ(WIFI_UART_IRQ); //Limpio la interrupcion del puerto serie.        NVIC_EnableIRQ(WIFI_UART_IRQ);    }    } }