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Loose quadrature encoder count

Question asked by Yaran Nan on Jun 20, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 21, 2016 by xiangjun.rong

Hi there,

I am using MK20DX256VLL10 to read quadrature encoder.

The IDE and library i used for it is KDS3.0+KSDK1.3+PE.

The encoder resolution is 8192 ticks/revolution.

The maximum ticks the chip can return is unsigned 16 bits which is 65535.

The code updated the counter fine until I run the encoder in 1.2 m/s.

The encoder counter stop updating until I slow it down.

I probe the encoder with oscilloscope and the encoder can still send out signal not matter how fast i


The counter read from the functions stop updating around 2.8KHz.


I am wondering what could be possible causes for this?

Is it because I run encoder too fast so the code doesnt have time to react?


It will be really appreciated that if someone can answer this question.