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Need to generate a Flat binary Image for 5282

Discussion created by Josh Fint on Jun 5, 2008
Latest reply on Jun 6, 2008 by Josh Fint
Hello All, i'm using Codewarrior, and I'm trying to generate a flat binary image of of my target.  So far the only way that i have been able to do this is to do a memory save after programming a target with teh BDM and the .s19 file.  The "generate binary image" option in codewarrior seems to generate an image with extra information in it, in fact I hvaen't even had success using codewarrior's bdm flash programmer with this image. 

I tried bincvt to convert teh s-record to binary, however this s-record generated by codewarrior is not understandable by this program.

Anyone have any ideas on how to generate a data only binary image?