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Wrong Barker Code in Header Error

Question asked by Branden Sherrell on Jun 20, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 21, 2016 by Branden Sherrell

When attempting to Secure Boot I am met with an error when U-boot is loaded:

SEC0: RNG instantiated

PPA validation startedERROR :: 4 :: Wrong barker code in header

SEC_MON state transitioning to Soft Fail.

SEC_MON state transitioning to Non Secure.

Generating reset request

resetting ...


I was surprised the ESBC was executed at all considering it was not validated. What I observe is U-boot being loaded and immediately restarting to the default bank. I do not have time to query the scratch registers, but I imagine them to be written with error code 0x302 indicating the Barker Code was incorrect.


I flashed a RCW with SBEN=1. The source of the RCW includes uboot_hdr_addr.rcw, which simply includes a PBI command:

write 0xee0200, 0x60080000


I can stop the core and query this address and the value is written to this register location, so I know the PBI commands are getting executed.




Also, if I memory dump the 0x60080000 region I see the Barker header as expected.




Any ideas?