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About charged using LICELL

Question asked by okamoto satoshi on Jun 20, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 20, 2016 by okamoto satoshi

It is charging of the coin battery in MMPF0200.

VIN is supplied always 4.2V.

Coin Cell (LICELL) is connected to the coin battery "ML-621S / DN".

(Coin Cell is about 2.1V)


Document Number: MMPF0200 Rev. 6.0, 3/2015

 P77 VSNVS LDO/Switch


In this case, we want information about the following two points.


①During OFF mode, Can continue to charge the coin battery?

 After the transition to the OFF mode, the voltage of the coin battery will decrease.

②During the OFF mode, even if VIN is always input will be discharged from the coin battery.

 Selection of the VIN and Coin Cell will switching to physical? (using "Input Sense/Selector")


The following state has been confirmed.

When cutting the Coin the Cell, voltage of the coin battery is not reduced.

When cutting the VSNVS, voltage of the coin battery is not reduced.

If the Coin Cell and VSNVS is connected, the voltage drop of the coin battery is made early.