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LPC4357 receiving data from UDA1380 using I2S

Question asked by Julian Hoerz on Jun 17, 2016
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first of all, I'm an German student and I'm sorry for my bad English.

I want to make a simple example to record and play sound with the LPC4357.

What I actually have is the following code:


    I2S_AUDIO_FORMAT_T audio_Confg;

    audio_Confg.SampleRate = 16000;

    audio_Confg.ChannelNumber = 1;

    audio_Confg.WordWidth = 16;




    Board_Audio_Init(LPC_I2S0, UDA1380_MIC_IN_LR);









    Chip_I2S_RxConfig(LPC_I2S0, &audio_Confg);

    Chip_I2S_TxConfig(LPC_I2S0, &audio_Confg);




    uint32_t buffer;




        if(Chip_I2S_GetRxLevel(LPC_I2S0)>= 1)


            //Receiving Data


            buffer = Chip_I2S_Receive(LPC_I2S0);



            //Play Sound



            Chip_I2S_Send(LPC_I2S0, buffer);




Normally the program should record sound and the play it directly.

But it does nothing...

I know how to play sound from a buffer, I saw the example "ea_audio_i2s" from LPC Open. But there is no example for recording sound. There is an example "periph_i2s" but it doesn't run...


I've already wasted two whole days and now I don't know what to do anymore.

I really tried everything.


Maybe my jumpers are set wrong. I attached to photos of my configuration.


I found a similar question here:

LPC4088 receiving data from UDA1380 using I2S |

...but nobody answered to this post.


I am using this development kit:

And I have the LPC-Link 2 for debugging.


Thanks for taking time and reading.


Best regards