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Audio signal recording with ADC and DMA

Question asked by Martin Lorenz on Jun 17, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 6, 2016 by Martin Lorenz


I have a LPCxpresso1549 board and I'm new to LPC MCUs.

I'm desperately looking for a tutorial / code example / application note which shows how to capture an audio or other signal (mono or several channels) with a given sample rate and a given numer of samples corresponding to a certain duration.

It would be great if the ADC is coupled with DMA so that the captured signal is stored in a given SRAM array in the background without any CPU load.

Perhaps the whole recording process can be controlled and triggered by a SCT in the background?


My use case:

The LPC1549 has two fast ADCs with 2 MSample/s and I want to record a mono and stereo signals with at least 500kS/s, so this should be easily possible. I need to sample 1024 points and want to do a FFT and other signal processing afterwards.


I'm pretty shure that thousands of engineers have the same or similar use case, so please, dear NXP support, provide us with an example or application note on this topic