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Reduce MQX/RTCS RAM usage

Discussion created by Jesper Evertsson on Jun 17, 2016
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Hi, we have a mk60fx512 cpu on which we run our own software together with MQX 4.2 and the RTCS stack. Recently we've been running in to some RAM memory shortage problems and we've had to make some compromises to make sure the application has enough memory. Right now we are looking at differant ways to reduce the RAM usage. We are making optimizations to our own code, but we can see that the RTCS seem to use a lot of RAM and we would like to try and reduce this as well (if possible).


For example when we examine the Lightweight Memory Block Summary we see this one entry called "Ethernet Buffers" that uses 18288 bytes of RAM. Is it possible to decrease this without compromising the functionality of the RTCS stack? or are there some other configurations we can change to get a smaller footprint from MQX and the RTCS?