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ADC FIFO conversion speed

Question asked by Jason Zhang on Jun 17, 2016



I am using the ADC FIFO mode to get 3 anolog channels results.

When continuous conversion and interrupt are enabled, the interval time is about 300uS that can jump to ADC Interrupt.

I want to change the interval time into 1mS by the below method:


1. ADC Interrupt enable per 1mS in the timer interrupt.  // ADC_SC1 |= ADC_SC1_AIEN_MASK;

2. ADC Interrupt disable when get out of  the  adc interrupt. //// ADC_SC1 &= ~ADC_SC1_AIEN_MASK;


But the interval time is 3mS, could you kindly explain why the speed has been down.



ADC setting: ADC FIFO mode/12-bit conversion/Long sample time/3-level FIFO is enabled


Thank you!