Wayne Lin

MKL27Z128VFT4 Bootloader issue

Discussion created by Wayne Lin on Jun 17, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 17, 2016 by Ethan Cheng


I use FRDM-KL27Z to develop the application code , all function "can normal work on FRDM-KL27Z" but download to MKL27Z128VFT4 USB function will fail, after check NXP commnuities the KL27Z128 should develop on FRDM-KL43Z so i transfer the USB Lib to my project, now USB worked but "USB Bootloader mode fail".


Could tell me how to fix.


Test :

1. Use KSDK2.0 FRDM-KL27Z --> USB function OK, bootloader OK --> download the code to MKL27Z128VFT4 --> USB fail, Bootloader OK

2.USE KSDK2.0 FRDM-KL43Z --> download to MKL27Z128VFT4 --> USB OK, Bootloader fail

3. recovery to FRDM-KL27Z code and download to MKL27Z128VFT4 --> USB fail , bootloader OK.