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Does anyone know how to delay the usb connection?

Question asked by William Taylor on Jun 17, 2016

I have an application where my mx6 quad board(Wandboard) is connected via usb to an external unit. The complete system is powered up at the same time. During boot I can see my unit registers these events shown below after about 10 seconds:


android_work: sent uevent USB_STATE=DISCONNECTED

android_work: sent uevent USB_STATE=CONNECTED

android_usb gadget: high-speed config #1: android

android_work: sent uevent USB_STATE=CONFIGURED


but when the power cycle is complete the external unit says "usb device not recognised" and the only way then to make it register is to replug the usb cable then everything is fine.

Trouble is this is not an option - it must power up ready to go.


It seems that the external unit has missed these events so

I think my solution is to delay the connection events - make it happen later in the boot process.

As its Android this takes another 30 seconds.(about 42 seconds total boot time)


Anyone any ideas how to do that?