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About imx287 use hab question

Question asked by bruce chen on Jun 16, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 27, 2016 by Yuri Muhin

1、Acording the AN4555.pdf document, compile and create digital signatured and files. copy these files to MfgTool tool,but programming failed.the below is MfgTool log:

  Friday, June 17, 2016 11:04:28

  1 - Panel A Start processing Singlechip NAND <LIST/>.

  Panel A Start <CMD/> type="boot" body="Recovery" file="" timeout="10" onError="" text="Booting Update Firmware.".

  1 - Panel A Finished <CMD/> type="boot" body="Recovery" file="" timeout="10" onError="" text="Booting Update Firmware." SUCCESS code=0x0.

  Panel A Start <CMD/> type="find" body="Updater" file="" timeout="180" onError="" text="".

  Panel A UtpUpdate Event: DeviceRemoval Msg: (null) DevState: Disconnected OpState: WAITING_FOR_DEVICE

  Panel A UtpUpdate Event: DeviceArrival Msg: (null) DevState: Recovery OpState: WAITING_FOR_DEVICE

  1 - Panel A Finished <CMD/> type="find" body="Updater" file="" timeout="180" onError="" text="" FAIL code=0xffff0002.

  Panel A: Wrong device found.,failed to run command: type="find" body="Updater" file="" timeout="180" onError="" text="" 

  2 - Panel A Finished processing Singlechip NAND <LIST/> : FAIL code=-65534.

  Panel A: Reason is unknown,


the below is MfgTool of ucl.xml config



  <STATE name="Recovery" dev="IMX28"/>

  <STATE name="Updater"   dev="Updater" /> 

  <DEV name="IMX28" vid="15A2" pid="004F"/>

  <DEV name="Updater" vid="066F" pid="37FF" />


   <LIST name="Singlechip NAND" desc="Install on singlechip NAND">

  <CMD type="boot" body="Recovery" file="" if="HabEnable">Booting Update Firmware.</CMD>

  <CMD type="find" body="Updater" timeout="180"/>

  <CMD type="push" body="mknod class/mtd,mtd0,/dev/mtd0"/>

  <CMD type="push" body="mknod class/mtd,mtd1,/dev/mtd1"/>

  <CMD type="push" body="mknod class/misc,ubi_ctrl,/dev/ubi_ctrl"/>

  <!-- UBI image support

  * If the user has ubi image, he can use below command to program ubi image to certain mtd device.

  * <CMD type="push" body="pipe ubiformat /dev/mtdX -y -f - -S @FILESIZE" file="files/ubi.img">Sending and writting rootfs</CMD>


  * If @FILESIZE is not supported at host tool, please replace it with real file size in byte.


  <CMD type="push" body="$ flash_eraseall /dev/mtd0">Erasing rootfs partition 0</CMD>

  <CMD type="push" body="$ flash_eraseall /dev/mtd1">Erasing rootfs partition 1</CMD>

  <CMD type="push" body="send" file="files/" >Sending Firmware</CMD>

  <CMD type="push" body="$ kobs-ng init $FILE">Flashing firmware</CMD>

  <CMD type="push" body="$ ubiattach /dev/ubi_ctrl -m 1 -d 0">Attaching UBI partition</CMD>

  <CMD type="push" body="mknod class/ubi,ubi0,/dev/ubi0"/>

  <CMD type="push" body="$ ubimkvol /dev/ubi0 -n 0 -N rootfs0 -s 400MiB">Creating UBI volumes</CMD>

  <CMD type="push" body="$ ubimkvol /dev/ubi0 -n 1 -N data -m">Creating UBI volumes</CMD>

  <CMD type="push" body="$ mkdir -p /mnt/ubi0; mount -t ubifs ubi0_0 /mnt/ubi0" />

  <CMD type="push" body="pipe tar -jxv -C /mnt/ubi0" file="files/rootfs.tar.bz2">Transfer rootfs</CMD>

  <CMD type="push" body="frf">Finish Flashing NAND</CMD>

  <CMD type="push" body="$ umount /mnt/ubi0">Unmounting</CMD>

  <CMD type="push" body="$ echo Update Complete!">Done</CMD>



2、MfgTool programming, The imx287 serial port output below info:



The ROM error code 0x80501001 DCP reported a status error and 0x80501006 Key dictionary lookup failed, I don't konw what meaning. about 0x80501006 error code,I am alreadied burner key to OTP use imx_otp_tools.


3、My operation sequence

  a、use create file and burner to OTP use imx_otp_tools.

  b、Acorrding to AN4555.pdf document create digital signature and files.

  c、Copy and to MfgTool.

  d、Programming failed and imx28 serial port output ROM error code.


I don't konw how can do it, thanks.